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  1. 11606

    Electric Quilt 8

    Regular Price $239.95

    Member discount available

    From professionals to the everyday quilter, the Electric Quilt 8 has all the right tools and features for every designer. The EQ8 is redesigned with a friendly new look that includes large interface elements for faster, more intuitive learning. It comes with more than 40 new and updated features, and the package contains a software download license that is used to claim, download, and install the software from ElectricQuilt.com. Complete instructions are included. *System requirements under description tab below. Learn More
  2. 13934


    Member Price $18.36

    Members Save $4.59

    Regular Price $22.95

    The Kaleido-Ruler by Marti Michell is made of two different triangles that can be cut from strips. Used to make blocks 6" - 16". Learn More
  3. 11818

    QuickMark Ruler

    Member Price $31.16

    Members Save $7.79

    Regular Price $38.95

    Judi Madsen’s new QuickMark Ruler is a 4" x 10" x ¼" ruler used for marking and straight ruler quilting. There are ¼" and ½" measurements to assist in marking and quilting out your straight line designs. Judi designed this ruler to help with all of the marking she does when she is working on her quilt designs. It is so great to be able to position the ruler one time and draw more than one line. It makes the marking go much faster! Judi recommends using the purple water soluble marker. The QuickMark Ruler can be used with both longarm and domestic machines and it is a great addition to the longarm ruler, #10700. Learn More
  4. 14584

    6" x 18" Quilter's Rulers

    Member Price $7.96

    Members Save $1.99

    Regular Price $16.95 $9.95

    Draft with ease using Mary Knapp's fast2mark Quilter's Rulers. The set features two ruler sizes―6" for detail work and 18" for bigger templates and patterns. Use these clear acrylic rulers for all your drafting needs. The low profile guarantees no shadow while the beveled edge gives you a perfect line every time. With 1/8" markings on one side and 1/16" markings on the other, measuring and marking is a breeze. And cross lines at each end allow for drawing exact perpendicular lines at 90° angles for perfect corners. Learn More
  5. 12666

    Frosted Acrylic Olfa® Ruler

    Member Price $25.56

    Members Save $6.39

    Regular Price $31.95

    The Frosted Acrylic Olfa® Ruler is the go-to ruler for quilters and crafters. It's great for precise measurements and cutting angles for sewing and quilting, fashioning scrapbook and album pages, making templates for pillow tops and for simple square patchwork designs. You'll find it's also ideal for squaring pieced blocks and cutting larger pieces. It is a standard, 12½" x 12½", non-slip ruler with easy to read black markings and gridlines. The grids are 1" apart with ⅛", ¼", and ½" increments. Learn More
  6. Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Circles

    Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Circles

    Member Price $10.36

    Members Save $2.59

    Regular Price $12.95

    As seen in American Quilter magazine, Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Circles includes 15 different circle sizes, 4 of each size, ranging from 7/16" to 2" for a total of 60 circles. Following the directions included in this package, you can make perfect circles for your hand and machine appliqué.

    Learn More
  7. 6532 - Perfect 3 Scissors Set

    Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect 3 Scissors Set

    Member Price $55.96

    Members Save $13.99

    Regular Price $69.95

    This serrated scissor set includes Karen’s favorites: the Perfect 4", the Perfect Curved, and the Perfect 7½" Scissors. Karen has been using nothing but serrated edge scissors to cut her fabric for the past 25 years. The serrated blade pulls the fabric into the scissors rather than pushing it away like traditional scissors and it helps keep the fabric from fraying. Both blades are sharp to the very tip. The 4" scissors are great for detail cutting on curves and points, the 7½" scissors are great for cutting single or multiple layers of fabric, and the tip of the curved scissors allows for close clipping without cutting into your quilt top. The curved scissors are fabulous for clipping threads for machine quilting, machine appliqué, and machine embroidery. All of these scissors have a very comfortable handle and are easy to use for either right or left-handed users. Learn More
  8. 11337

    Ultimate Shapes Stencil Set

    Member Price $23.96

    Members Save $5.99

    Regular Price $29.95

    The newest member of Cindy Needham’s designing stencil family, Ultimate Shapes, uses a simple shape that can be repeated and filled to create a multitude of other designs. This stencil set includes 2”, 4”, 6”, and 8” sizes to accompany the most common sized quilt blocks. These are also good for repetitive wholecloth quilt designs. Learn More
  9. EQ Mini

    EQ Mini

    Regular Price $119.95

    Member discount available

    Sold Out!

    EQ Mini is designed for quilters who are just getting started using software for quilting. It delivers powerful yet easy-to-use options that help you create, edit, share, and print patterns and yardage for your quilt designs. This software is a scaled-down, simpler version of EQ7, with fewer features, functions, and options — it offers a “mini” version of the full program, yet with endless possibilities. This is a download-only product for both PCs and Macs, you decide which version when you download! Internet connection is required to download the software. Instructions for downloading and installing are included with your purchase. *System requirements under the description tab below. Learn More
  10. Ultimate Border Stencils

    Ultimate Border Stencils

    Member Price $63.96

    Members Save $15.99

    Regular Price $79.95

    Cindy Needham's brand new set of Ultimate Stencils devoted to borders. This is a 20 stencil set that includes 6 different border designs in various sizes and 12 different motifs in 3 sizes each. Each border has the halfway line cut as well as the 45 degree diagonal line thru the corner. The borders are intended to be used either by themselves or combined with any of the other borders and motifs to create an unlimited number of beautiful designs. Learn More

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