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International Sunbonnet Sue

International Sunbonnet Sue

6 Review(s)

Item Number: 8347
By: Debra Kimball
From: American Quilter's Society (January 03, 2011)

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International Sunbonnet Sue by Debra Kimball, MD — Review by James A. Cox, Edtor-in-Chief
INTERNATIONAL SUNBONNET SUE packs in nearly fifty sunbonnet designs that capture other cultures and places around the world. In each, Sue is dressed in her country's traditional costume and holds a symbolic souvenir, making this a pick for any quilter familiar with the traditional Sunbonnet motif. The opportunities to produce quilts that reflect heritage or travels using the Sunbonnet design makes this a fascinating approach to a traditional pattern - and perfect for quilters who already use Sue in other projects. --James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, The Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review, April 2011. (Posted on 4/9/11)
International Sunbonnet Sue by Debra Kimball, MD — Review by Patti Ives, The Applique Society
Sunbonnet Sue is a quilting icon. It seems that beloved silhouette of Sue in her bonnet and billowing skirt has been seen in one form or another for decades. Now, Debra Kimball, MD has designed a series of 49 Sue blocks that feature an International theme. In “International Sun Bonnet Sue” each block design captures the essence of a country from around the globe. Not only is our International Sue dressed in her country’s traditional costume she also hold a symbolic souvenir. Example: Finland, in this block Sue is wearing a traditional costume of Finland while holding a large snowflake. The blocks can be done either by hand or machine appliqué. After playing with the blocks in the book you will want to branch out and create a traveling Sue of your own.
There are hints in the book to help you work on different aspects of a particular block but it is assumed you have a favorite appliqué method and you would be using that for
most of the work. Sunbonnet Sue fans will want this book. (Posted on 3/8/11)
International Sunbonnet Sue by Debra Kimball, MD — Review by James A. Cox, Edtor-in-Chief
Why limit your design to simple bonnets? "International Sunbonnet Sue" is a guide for quilters who want to put some international flavor when using the famous and favored quilt character Sunbonnet Sue and spreading some international flavor into your projects. With plenty of ideas to form your own projects with plenty of templates and patterns, "International Sunbonnet Sue" is a choice pick for any quilter who is seeking new ways to brighten up their fabrics. --James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Wisconsin Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review, February 2011. (Posted on 2/13/11)
International Sunbonnet Sue — Review by Jo E
I was thrilled when the book arrived in today's mail. It demonstrates Dr Deb's creativity and skill with a needle and thread well. The patterns are adorable and serve as inspiration for creating one's own personalized SBSs as well. Deciding which Sue to start is the most difficult part. This is a great addition for any quilter who enjoys SBS and/or applique.

What will be next for Debra Kimball, M.D.? Professional Sunbonnet Sue, beginning with Doctor Sue (perhaps accompanied by Dr Drew?) (Posted on 1/18/11)
International Sunbonnet Sue — Review by Kathy Niemann
Just when you think there is not one more way to do a twist on "Sue"...here you have a great new version. So many options to use these great appliqué designs. If you are doing a travelogue of an international trip...if you are a traditional quilter, you have to include "Sue" and she has a great outfit no matter where you may have traveled to. If you are a "Sue" collector, you will be impressed by the new wardrobe "Sue" can be embellished in. So many other options for these patterns...such as postcards, a place to start in designing international quilts or a memory quilt. We made a quilt for each country in the Olympics when they were in Atlanta. I wish we had this resource then. (Posted on 1/14/11)
International Sunbonnet Sue - Debra Kimball, M.D. — Review by Jo E
I SBS. I have seen the quilt work of a certain Debra Kimball, M.D. and she has read some of my x-rays. I have to order a copy of this! The cover shows some adorable designs. I can't wait for my copy to arrive! (Posted on 1/9/11)

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