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Simply Dynamic Sampler Quilts

Simply Dynamic Sampler Quilts

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Item Number: 8237
By: Marianne L Hatton
From: American Quilter's Society (July 23, 2010)

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Simply Dynamic Sampler Quilts — Review by Doris Judge
I very much like this book and am teaching a group of new quilters. It has very good basic information; however, there is a mistake on page 49. The center square for the log cabin needs to be cut 1-1/2 inches, not 1-3/4 inches to get a 6-1/2 inch block. I was not aware of a correction sheet, if there is one. HERE IS THE AUTHOR'S RESPONSE: Yes, the reader is indeed correct, and that really should be 1 1/2". If the seams are a very precise 1/4", the block will then finish to be a perfect 6 1/2" (which includes the seams). I looked back over the manuscripts and drafts and in fact on my original manuscript, it was 1 1/2". Then on the first draft it was 1-3/4". I thought we had changed it back, as I actually asked the maker of Japanese Impressions to remake her log cabin accordingly! In actual fact, what I may have decided was to leave it at 1 3/4", as the second paragraph on page 51 notes, it is easier to trim if it turns out slightly larger. Also sometimes with all the seams, there is a little pulling and distortion, and it helps to have the extra to use to square it up. Also slight differences may occur depending on the gauge of thread used, thinner thread producing a more accurate result, and thicker thread taking up a little more of the fabric. The little extra allows a bit of room to fiddle and fudge. Striving for accuracy however, means one really should start out with the pieces cut as intended to finish, and go for the gold. I applaud the reader for being that careful, appreciate her close observation, and apologies for my inconsistency. She gets an A+ from me! (Posted on 8/29/11)
Simply Dynamic Sampler Quilts By Marianne Hatton — Review by ProfessionalQuilter.com
Those of us who have been quilting a long time usually started by making several quilt blocks to learn a variety of techniques and then moved onto a sampler quilt. Samplers had a standard look: blocks set straight with sashing and cornerstones. Marianne Hatton introduces what she calls the “next generation” sampler without the sashing. One of the keys to Marianne’s method is her GridMap® technique where you create a map to follow to ensure your success. Includes instructions for basics of quiltmaking, including straight, curved and set-in seams, appliqué, borders and quilting. If you work with newer quilters or like teaching a sampler method, you’ll pick up some tips for your toolbox. (Posted on 3/8/11)
Simply Dynamic Sampler Quilts — Review by James A. Cox
Simply Dynamic Sampler Quilts offers keys to quiltmaking using the GridMap Technique, and packs in patterns, color photos, and step-by-step instructions easy for any newcomer to GridMap. The projects focus on sampler quilts and offer clear illustrations perfect for beginners at all levels. No quilting library should be without this! James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, The Midwest Book Review, California Bookwatch: October 2010. (Posted on 11/9/10)
Simply Dynamic Sampler Quilts — Review by Melissa James
This book is great! I've always loved sampler quilts but found them to be a little too predictable in the rows-and-columns layout. Hatton's GridMap method will allow me to plan the final layout so that different pieces of the sampler are balanced and create a visually compelling quilt. Can't wait to get started on a sampler that will be uniquely mine! (Posted on 8/19/10)
Learn How to Quilt and Make Simply Dynamic Sampler Quilts — Review by Kathy Niemann
A great resource for beginning quilters. Start making blocks and learning techniques one at a time. Even if the user is experienced, this book is the perfect book for the perfect time. So many Sampler block of the month programs out there. Once you have your blocks, then what? A step-by-step design tutor to help us make them into one of a kind quilts. Thank you, Marianne for this timely title.
(Posted on 8/2/10)

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