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Weekend Quilts

Weekend Quilts

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Item Number: 8149
By: Judy Laquidara
From: American Quilter's Society (January 25, 2010)

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Weekend Quilts by Judy Laquidara — Review by Quilters Newsletter Magazine
Complete patterns for 16 quilts, all based on easy cutting and piecing techniques and all lap sized or bigger, make this a great starter book for beginners. But any quilter who needs to make a quilt in a hurry without a lot of fuss would be glad to have these patterns on hand. According to Judy, the tops take between 6 and 18 hours to make, and she even provides a few recipes for quick, easy meals that will keep you out of the kitchen so you’ll have more time to sew. - Quilters Newsletter Magazine, February/March 2011, page 52. (Posted on 6/16/12)
“An outstanding guide for any quilter under the gun...” — Review by James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
“Weekend Quilts” is for quilters who have limited quilting time. It provides instructions divided into one-hour segments and tells how to cut fabrics, produce all sizes of quilts, and use time-saving techniques to price and make the quit. An outstanding guide for any quilter under the gun but still passionate about quilting! --James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, The Midwest Book Review, California Bookwatch, August 2010, The Needlecraft Shelf. (Posted on 8/17/10)
Weekend Quilts — Review by Kathy Niemann
Overall Rating
You might expect average looking quilts if you can make them so quickly. Not so. The borders for these quilts are more than the same old thing. They are the special finishing touches that set the quilts in this book apart. Another very unique difference in this book are the organizational tips. Each step of the pattern gives you an idea of how long it should take to do it. Applause. (Posted on 2/16/10)
Weekend Quilts — Review by Vivian M. Benton
Overall Rating
Love to make quilts but just don't have enough time? Judy Laquidara comes to the rescue with her new book "Weekend Quilts." In addition to simplified instructions for making the quilts, Judy provides lots of tips for quilting---one hour at a time. And, to give you even more time for quilting, she provides some time-saving tips in the kitchen, along with several recipes that are guaranteed to result in more quilting time. While "Sarah's Pork Roast" is baking (page 91), you can be busy working on one of the lovely quilts she provides, such as "Gumdrop Mountain" on page 44. (Posted on 2/14/10)
Weekend Quilts — Review by Iris Frank
Overall Rating
Wouldn't it be nice, just once, to start a quilt and have it completed in the amount of time allocated for it? Why do our quilting endeavors almost always take longer than we think they will? Author Judy Laquidara provides us with wonderful techniques to make better use of the precious few hours we do have in our lives to quilt.

Very valuable is her list, Tips for Successful Quilting--One Hour at a Time, to organize ongoing projects in the most efficient manner possible. This way, they can be successfully picked up (and put down) repeatedly as time permits. The book focuses on what can be accomplished in hour increments, but as the author points out, "each of the quilts could easily be made in one weekend if changes to weekday routines are just not possible--hence the title."

All 16 of the quilts detailed in the book are made primarily of marbled or tone-on-tone fabrics, and they are beautifully coordinated and the designs are pleasingly bold and graphic.

As a surprise bonus, the author, who loves to cook, extends her time saving techniques to the kitchen (because she found she was spending the majority of her time there rather than in her quilting studio) and gives us some quick and tasty recipes for a number of dishes. She also refers us to her website, http:/www.limegreenkitchen.com for additional ones which can result in more quilting time.

(Posted on 2/10/10)
Weekend Quilts — Review by Barbara Polston
Overall Rating
How many quilters lament that they don't have enough time to quilt? While these patterns are timed, estimating their completion between 6 and 18 hours, one of the best features is that the construction steps are broken down into one hour increments. Being able to block aside a mere 60 minutes to sew seems reasonable. Block aside enough of those and you have a quilt top! Another plus, the patterns, all 16 of them, look like they required much more effort. In addition, Judy provides some of her favorite time-saving recipes to keep you at the sewing machine longer, a nice touch. I'm making the Taco Soup! (Posted on 1/31/10)

6 Item(s)

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