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Heart for a Hero

Heart for a Hero

Overall Rating
5 Review(s)

Item Number: 7923
By: Ed Ditto, Laura D Patrick
From: American Quilter's Society (February 04, 2009)

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Customer Reviews

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Heart for a Hero by Ditto & Patrick — Review by World Magazine
Overall Rating
Heart for a hero | Ed Ditto, Laura Patrick: When PJ Hathaway receives a package containing a disgusting old quilt addressed to her recently deceased grandmother, she's inclined to throw it away—but her husband hopes the mystery behind the quilt will rouse PJ from her deep post-natal depression. From this premise the authors construct several stories that intersect at the quilt. Readers learn about the POWs in Korea who made the quilt, her grandmother's long hidden secret, PJ's own past, and the quilting project she undertakes in the present to help one of the former POWs. The war and POW scenes are gripping and there's lots about quilting, which you'd expect from a novel published by the American Quilter's Society. Review by "World Magazine"
(Posted on 7/7/09)
This novel has the chops to appeal to many different audiances. — Review by Quilter's Home
Overall Rating
Everybody's got a secret in this collaborative effort by real-life cousins Ed Ditto and Laura D. Patrick that digs into one family's losses and regrets, and the healing power of quilting. Protagonist Bebe Warner - wife, grandmother and quilter - has led a secret life, even from her treasured granddaughter, PJ, who is desperately guarding a secret of her own. (Of course.) Set against the historical influence of the Korean War and a gritty contemporary look at post-partum depression, even non-quilters will find something. Quilter's Home, June/July 2009, page 35. (Posted on 6/16/09)
Good book — Review by Dave
Overall Rating
I bought a copy from Amazon - it arrived Tuesday and Sandi finished it this afternoon. Let Ed know that she loved it - she couldn't put it down. 

Dave (Posted on 3/6/09)
Who knew? — Review by Anonymous
Overall Rating
So I bought this book on amazon.com called "Heart for a Hero", you may have heard of it. When I saw the logo for a quilting society, I must admit that I was concerned that I'd have to check my testosterone at the door for a few days. Then I moved to Chapter 1, and realized my protagonist (there it is - I learned something in high school English) suffers from post-partum depression...oh boy, buckle in. As you know I've never been accused of being a "reader". (I'm fluent in box scores, salary caps, and the 1986 NY Mets...but books? Books are scary.) I was so incredibly wrong about my first impressions. What a terrific read! Seriously. (I wouldn't butter you up with false praise. I might say some polite things and beat around the bush, but I'd never lie to you.) I literally couldn't stop reading the book, and I wasn't just reading it on the train either - which says a lot, trust me. I was completely interested in the characters, the stories from Korea, where the story was going to end - and you even built in a "Cowboy Up" reference. Honestly - an excellent book. I'm telling my whole family to buy it. You should be very proud of the way it turned out. I know I'm really impressed.

Joe (Posted on 3/6/09)
Great read! — Review by Anonymous
Overall Rating
I started reading Heart for a Hero Sunday night after getting back from a retreat. I stayed up until 12:30 last night and just finished it. I could not put it down. As a quilter, military wife, mother and geek, this book spoke to me on many levels. Great job, great book! (Posted on 2/27/09)

5 Item(s)

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